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 The Masonic Blue Slipper
  by Bro Clyde H. Magee, 32

 To find out the meaning of the pin, we have to go back in history to the time of Boaz - to be found in the book of Ruth.  This is the well known story of Naomi returning to her own land after the death of her husband, Elimelech, and her sons. One daughter in-law, Ruth, a Moabite, accompanied her mother-in-law back to Bethlehem Judah but, both were destitute. Ruth went to work in the fields to enable her to look after her mother-in-law.  However, the law of the land stated that Elimelech’s next of kin was duty bound to redeem his possessions and look after his widow and off-spring.  The next of kin refused to do so.  Boaz offered to become the redeemer of Elimelech’s property - a proposition that the next of kin accepted.  To seal the bargain, Boaz and the next of kin met at the city gates in the presence of the elders. The next of kin drew off his shoe and handed it to Boaz as a token of the bargain.  Boaz held the shoe up for all to see - he asked them to be witnesses that he had become Naomi’s protector, Ruth’s husband and a redeemer of Elimelech’s property.  Thus today we have the little blue slipper as an emblem of the protective influence of Masons for their wives, widows and daughters.

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