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Where’s The Greatness In You?


Having viewed our recently aired television commercials, the portrayed Benjamin Franklin conveys his concerns with the moral character of today’s man.  He quotes “men treat each other as if they were wolves”.  He then continues with what could very well make for positive influences in today’s society by asking; “Is there greatness in you? If so, ask”. 


We are well aware that Freemasonry is not only a great fraternity, but a  brotherhood for those who maintain the privilege by being an active participant. 

I believe the greatness in man is the ability to help all, including non-masons.  The desire to help others however, is only a portion of the greatness.  Can you go back into the archives of your mind and remember when you were taking your steps through Masonry?  After completion of the degrees, ideas and better understanding (more light) of the fraternity were forming and now starting to surface.  For most a sense of pride was etched into our hearts.  

We must ask each other; Do we truly believe and agree to our lectures?  Do we practice our craft and extend our Masonic knowledge to all?  Violence and corruption are much too commonplace in the world today.  What shall we do?  Remembering that the Holy Bible is referred to as the “Tressle Board of Life upon which is drawn, the plan for all ages”.  Have so many of us forgotten to study this plan?  Or are many not aware of such a plan?


We as Masons should be continually reminded of our obligations to our God, country, families, mankind and the fraternity.  So too often we claim the lack of time in our busy routines.  Oddly enough we seem to find time for self gratification and reward.  Time is there if we truly want to utilize it.  If not, do we have time to be a Mason?  How much time does it take to convey the greatness of Freemasonry to another man who could not only utilize Masonry in his own life, but could shed its beneficent influence upon others?


Can we make a difference?  Is there greatness in Masonry?  Is there greatness in you?

One man alone would struggle to make a difference.  Masons together helped to shape our great country, helped in establishing government policies and procedures and much more, yes; we can make huge strides as a great Fraternity.  Is there greatness in you?  God put greatness in all of us.  Masonry opens our eyes to it. 

Now, how should we start sharing our greatness?  Does the entire world know about Masonry?  Is our community aware that we are present?  Do we contribute any greatness to our community?  Do we want change in our lives, our families or in our community?  Remember this quote, “You will remain the same until the pain of remaining the same is too great”. 


Let us give serious thought as to what we individually or as a fraternity can do to make a difference.  I am applying to you for such ideas and thoughts whether they are focused on the betterment of our great lodge, our community or our society.  Please take the time to share your thoughts and ideas. 


Let’s show our greatness.


Fraternally Yours,

Michael Young, PM

4674 S. State Rd. 9

Greenfield,  IN  46140    

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