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Morristown Lodge No. 193 F.&A.M.

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In Honor of our Past Worshipful Master's

I watched them tearing a building down,
A gang of men in a busy town.
With a ho-heave-ho and a lusty yell,
They swung a beam and the sides fell.
I asked the foreman, "Are these men skilled
And the kind you would hire, if you had to build?"
And he gave me a laugh and said, "No indeed,
Just common labor is all I need.
I can easily wreck in a day or two
What other builders have taken a year to do."
And I thought to myself as I went my way,
"Which of these roles have I tried to play?"
Am I a builder that works with care,
Measuring life by the rule and square.
Am I shaping my deeds to a well made plan,
Patiently doing the best I can?
Or am I a wrecker who walks the town,
Content with the labor of tearing down."
Past Worshipful Master's
Morristown Lodge No.193
1855  Abraham Reeves (two terms)
1856  Abraham Reeves
1857  W. W. Woodyard (twelve terms)
1858  W. W. Woodyard
1859  W. W. Woodyard
1860  W. W. Woodyard
1861  Jacob G. Wolf (four terms)
1862  W. W. Woodyard
1863  Jacob G. Wolf
1864  Jacob G. Wolf
1865  W. W. Woodyard
1866  Jacob G. Wolf
1867  W. W. Woodyard
1868  W. W. Woodyard
1869  W. W. Woodyard
1870  W. W. Woodyard
1871  George F. McGaughey (six terms)
1872  George F. McGaughey
1873  George F. McGaughey
1874  George F. McGaughey
1875  E. S. Elder
1876  J. M. Dairymple (two terms)
1877  W. W. Woodyard
1878  George F. McGaughey
1879  George F. McGaughey
1880  J. M. Dairymple
1881  C. W. Morrison (three terms)
1882  W. W. Woodyard
1883  C. W. Morrison
1884  George A. Sprrier
1885  John E. Jones (nine terms)
1886  John E. Jones
1887  Wesley Talbert
1888  C. W. Morrison
1889  Frank F. Whetzel (three terms)
1890  Frank F. Whetzel
1891  Frank F. Whetzel
1892  John E. Jones
1893  John E. Jones
1894  John E. Jones
1895  John E. Jones
1896  John E. Jones
1897  James F. Hargrove (two terms)
1898  James F. Hargrove
1899  Philip S. Tyner
1900  John E. Jones
1901  Theophelus Hargrove
1902  Hiram B. patten
1903  Otis O. Frazier
1904  John E. Jones
1905  Joseph A. Zike
1906  Perry S. Case
1907  Charles S. Patten
1908  David E. Shelton
1909  Harry B. Connaway
1910  John B. Hayes
1911  Henry E. Banard (three terms)
1912  Henry E. Banard
1913  James P. Mahan
1914  Henry E. Banard
1915  James E. Poston
1916  John T. Devening (two terms)
1917  Lewis F. Carr
1918  Brainard R. Nelson (two terms
1919  Brainard R. Nelson
1920  Leslie E. Lewis
1921  Charles H. Sterling
1922  Chauncey K. Poer
1923  John T. Devening
1924  Oliver O. Olinger
1925  Charles L. Hayes
1926  Otto P. Holbrook
1927  Glenn M. James
1928  John F. Trimble
1929  J. Arthur Shelton
1930  P. Richard Newhouse
1931  Jasper J. kemper
1932  Lyall E. Wortman
1933  Clarence Cox
1934  Daniel E. Osborn
1935  H. Harold Talbert
1936  Wilbur M. Brown
1937  Fred V. Cramer
1938  Charles W. Rock
1939  Elmer E. Johnson
1940  Paul G. Bennett
1941  Carlos N. Jefferies (two terms)
1942  Carlos N. Jefferies
1943  Robert H. Shelton
1944  E. Lanham Frazier
1945  Donald O. Boles
1946  William W. Boles
1947  Richard D. Unger
1948  Harold B. Dyer
1949  Joseph R. Long
1950  Martin D. Osborn
1951  John Arthur McMurray
1952  Earl H. Anderson
1953  Dillard C.Cole
1954  James Alvin Wilson
1955  Melvin Henley
1956  John O. Pitts
1959  Cloyd T. Linville
1962  Jack R. Pluckett
1963  Kenneth Clyde Wintin
1964  Howard Kent Gordan
1965  Max Lyman Scott
1966  James Robert Wortman
1967  Billy Ray Farmer
1968  Richard Eugene Basey
1969  Robert Duane Johnson
1971  Milton Cantwell Bailey
1972  Frankie Eugene Willard
1973  Thomas Cecil Rascoe
1976  Richard Carroll Hauk
1978  William Ronald McMichael
1979  Edward Eugene Eastes
1982  Robert E. Conners
1983  Gregory E. Smith
1984  Porter Carl Pope
1985  Willard Wray Engle
1986  Rowland C. "Archie" Gorman
1987  Jack Alan Cochran
1988  Donald Earl Kinder
1989  Donovan L. Diefenderfer
1991  Gary Edgar Nebel
1992  David Charles Hart
1993  Larry Russell Cochran
1994  Larry Russell Cochran (two terms)
1995  Phillip Dale Herthel
1996  Troy L. Whittenbarger
1997  G. Todd Marshal
1998  Wilbur Owen Cole
1999  Dale Edward Herthel
2000  James M. Cridge, Sr.
2001  Michael William Klepper
2002  Darrin Eugene Eastes
2003  Ronald Gene Deardorff
2004  William Callahan
2005  Douglas McNaughton
2006  James M. Cridge, Sr.
2007  Mike Young (present)

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